Is enjoying the job enough?

This post was written by Amanda Page, Interim Library Coordinator at Signature Healthcare

I am a Boston resident who, like so many, has a very long commute. Currently, I am working at Signature Healthcare in Brockton, filling in as Interim Library Coordinator.  Purposefully not owning a car, I have a lot of time to contemplate while on the commuter rail.  Being a Simmons student as well as staff in a hospital and academic environment, I think quite often about the future of medical librarianship.

While I am experiencing firsthand the value of the medical librarian in my work here at Signature Healthcare, I wonder if society values our niche occupation enough such that I could smartly continue with this field and successfully find work once I finish my master’s degree.  Or, when I start out as a librarian in a couple years with my degree, though not new to hospitals or health sciences, would I ultimately be jumping head first into under-employment?

My long commute has truly helped in my quest for insight.  Everyday on the job brings a new learning experience, as well as great joy in assisting the doctors, nurses, students, and occasional patient with their queries.  But at the end of the day, is enjoying the job enough?  For myself, I have yet to figure it all out.  My future is certainly not determined, but whatever path I take, I agree with Stever Robbins and Sally Gore– there is a definite need for Medical Librarians.  Doctors and nurse just simply don’t have the time to do everything and more! Does anyone have thoughts, comments, or advice?

1 Response to “Is enjoying the job enough?”

  1. 1 Margot Malachowski August 2, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    The reality is that we live in a time of super-duper changeability. Even if the medical librarian field manages to stay stable, the services we provide will change. They are changing!

    My career advice would be to not worry about a specific job in the library field. Instead, make sure you keep your library skills sharp. Nearly every librarian takes a more twisted path in his/her career than expected.

    As for “under-employment”–well, that depends upon what your expectations are. There’s always work, but the pay may not be great. When I was in grad school in 2000, another student told me that she was aiming for $60,000 upon graduation. I politely nodded my head, but I thought she was insane to expect that. Of course, it depends greatly upon your location, but 60K is a lot to expect for entry-level.

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