Action Day is a BIG Success!

This post was written by Sally Gore, MAHSLIN President.

It’s 4:05 on this Friday afternoon and MAHSLIN’s first ever “Action Day” is wrapping up. I want to thank Brandy King, Margo Coletti, Penny Glassman, Judy Nordberg, Kathy McCarthy, and Isabel Lopes for joining me in this inaugural event. Stever Robbins sent me an email earlier in the week, wishing us a good and productive time. I think we can report that we achieved both.

Brandy worked on a blog post (and got her picture taken), Margo got things done for the Hospital Library Section of MLA, Judy and I made progress on subject guides that we’re building for our library’s new website, Isabel worked on her annual review and then a search request, Kathy conquered a folder full of information on copyright along with several last-minute items, and Penny managed to act on tasks while she juggled duties as the librarian on call for reference.

If you missed out on today’s activity, don’t fret, there will be another on the way. It was way too much fun to not hold another. I need this kind of support to be good and productive on a Friday afternoon.

~ Sally


3 Responses to “Action Day is a BIG Success!”

  1. 1 Margo Coletti October 17, 2011 at 2:37 pm

    Action Day was lots of fun. I had a lot of drudge work to accomplish that day. This broke up the day and added some humor. Plus, I got some much-needed encouragement. I would urge you all to try it next time. Margo C.

  2. 2 Peter Droese October 18, 2011 at 9:26 am

    Hi All

    I was there in spirit! My action for the day was helping to plan and host a retirement party. It was a busy day of action not behind the computer Who knew under the knowledge profession you learned skills in party planning. I guess that is why project manager always celebrate after every project.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday as my sales rep would say

    Take care

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